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Company culture

Enterprise spirit: integrity, pragmatism, pioneering and innovation

Entrepreneurship values: the sincere contribution of employees is the source of the continuous accumulation of corporate wealth, and the development of the company is the fundamental guarantee for employees to realize their self-worth

Enterprise purpose: establish a high-tech platform, cultivate high-tech talents, develop high-tech products, and create a high-tech enterprise

Corporate culture: loyal, friendly, diligent, enterprising

Business policy: quality, delivery time, cost, safety

Quality goal: regard quality as life

The manifestation of company culture:

"Sangma Mechanism" —Through various channels, constantly introduce high-quality and experienced talent teams.

"Horse racing mechanism" —discover and select talents through competition for posts, assessment and review, and superiority and inferiority mechanisms.

"Horse training mechanism"—tap the potential of talents through communication, training, education, guidance and other methods.

"Horse-raising mechanism"—for those who have made special contributions, leave, travel, inspection, training, career promotion and other contribution benefits.

"Self-discipline mechanism"—For the problems and errors in the work, it is required that "no concealment, timely reporting, corrections must be made, and corrections must be made. , Self-management".

"Team spirit"-this is the essence of the company culture, requiring employees to seek common ground while shelving differences, unite and cooperate, bear hardships and stand hard work, independent management, work together, put an end to the phenomenon of wrangling, and the spirit of dedication to realize the company's value.